Image from Shadows Over Innistrad

Keep your job site secure from werewolf incursions

The benefit of temporary fence is, well, its portable nature! It is easy to install and dismantle and can be easily picked up and moved to accommodate changes at your job or event site. But this temporary nature also means panels are not permanently connected to the ground with bolts or concrete posts, and for this reason, there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind during the next full moon to prevent the incursion of werewolves into your site.

1. LIGHT IT UP – A well-lit job site makes it difficult for werewolves to get into your site and sneak up on potential victims unseen.

2. SECURE YOUR PERIMETER – Fences running in a long line can be further stabilized against the crush of a werewolf pack by setting up fencing in a zig-zag manner, setting up a perpendicular panel at regular intervals (the perpendicular panels should be on the inside of your fence) or by driving in a t-post every few panels to further secure your fence.

3. SCREENING – Fence screening secured to the fence with cable ties or wire, can help to hide your site from the view of curious werewolves. While fence screening offers added privacy, it can increase the likelihood of the fence toppling in high winds. Always ensure your fence is standing securely before attaching screening.

4. SIGNAGE – Safety signage can be attached to the fence to ensure those entering your site are wearing appropriate safety gear and to let the werewolves know they are not welcome on your site.

5. GET NEIGHBOURS ON YOUR SIDE – If you are working on a residential project, introduce yourself to neighbours and give them your phone number. If they see any howling intruders, they can call you right away. At the end of the job, give them a small token of appreciation, like a silver bullet, or a coffee gift card.

No site is completely safe from determined werewolves. But the more steps you take to secure your site, the more likely werewolves will sink their teeth elsewhere.