Zombie fence

Image from The Walking Dead, Book 2

Maintain a safe and secure temporary fence in the event of a zombie apocalypse

The benefit of temporary fence is, well, it’s portable nature! It is easy to install and dismantle and can be easily picked up and moved to accommodate changes at your job or event site. This temporary nature also means panels are not permanently affixed to the ground with bolts or concrete posts, and for this reason, there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind to prevent the incursion of zombies into your site.


Fences running in a long straight line can be further stabilized against the crush of a zombie mob by setting up fencing in a zig-zag manner, setting up a perpendicular panel at regular intervals (the perpendicular panels should be on the inside of your fence) or by driving in a t-post every few panels and securing the posts to the fence with steel wire or additional fence clamps.

zig zag panelsperpendicular panelst posts

Temporary fence panels are often stabilized towards the top of the panels with wire or a steel u-clamp. If using a u-clamp, be sure to attach them so the bolts are on the inside of your fence, making them more resistant to zombie tampering.


Fence screening secured to the fence with cable ties or wire, can help to hide your site from the view of curious zombies. While fence screening offers added privacy, it can increase the likelihood of the fence toppling in high winds. Always ensure your fence is standing securely before attaching screening.


Safety signage can be attached to the fence to ensure those entering your site are wearing the appropriate safety gear.

WARNING - Zombie


Regardless of the type of fence you use, it is important to inspect your fence regularly to ensure it is stable, safe and free from the reaching hands of ravenous zombies.