Temporary fence panels for sale steel ground standsFunctionality

Steel mesh fencing is less susceptible to wind hazards than steel and plywood hoarding. The wind flows through the fence, rather than creating a topple-hazard. The construction site also remains visible through the fence, which is a real deterrent to thieves. Welded wire fencing offers additional stability, since the often narrow wire spacing makes it virtually impossible to climb.

Environmental Considerations

Unlike plywood hoarding and snow fencing which is unusable if damaged, steel mesh fencing can be repaired. Good quality steel mesh fencing is re-usable for many years and can be recycled at the end of its life.


Steel mesh fencing is easily cleaned and repaired. It can be powder-coated to virtually any colour to complement your company’s brand, create added visibility, or even blend in with the surroundings.


Temporary steel mesh fence panels are commonly available in 10 and 12 foot lengths. They offer sturdy site protection, but because the panels are not affixed to the ground with concrete and posts, they can be moved and reconfigured as required through the course of a project. Steel mesh fence panels are easy to install, and are usually mounted on a steel foot, and secured with metal clamps or top clips. And, unlike continuous mesh fencing, if one panel is damaged, you need only replace the panel, rather than a long length of fence.

Low Maintenance

Galvanized steel fencing will not rust, rot or burn. Panels are suitable for hanging company signage, but are entirely unsuitable to vandals as a surface for graffiti and/or unauthorized postering.

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