Top 3 Thursday: Preventing Construction Site Theft

Temporary construction fence school renovationBecause of the low recovery rates for material and equipment, a proactive theft prevention plan is imperative for every construction site, no matter the size of the project. Often the aim isn’t to make your job site as secure as Area 51, just more secure than the job site down the road.

Our Top 3 Tips for Preventing Construction Site Theft:

1. LIGHT IT UP – A well-lit job site makes it difficult for thieves to get into the site and leave unseen.

2. SECURE YOUR PERIMETER – Temporary fencing is an inexpensive way to deter thieves by making it difficult for them to access your site.

3. IMMOBILIZE LARGE EQUIPMENT – Prevent the theft of large equipment such as diggers and forklifts by installing immobilization or battery disconnect devices. Use locking devices such as boots, or surround equipment overnight with stacked materials. Have a system in place to manage equipment keys and keep them in a secure location.

If a theft does occur, be sure to report it to the police promptly, as your theft may be part of a pattern. Whether you have property coverage, contractor’s equipment insurance or builder’s risk insurance, make sure you know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t.   No job site is completely safe from determined thieves. But the more steps you take to prevent theft at your site, the more likely the thieves will set their sights elsewhere. Read more tips here.