Traffic safety products: Added protection for your site

Traffic safety traffic cones reflective bandsReflective traffic cones, delineator posts and retractable cone connectors are easily transported and easy to set up. Just drop the cone connector ring onto the top of the cones or delineator posts to create an inexpensive but highly visible barrier around hazardous or controlled areas.


  • Added security for your workers and the public
  • High reflectivity ensures visibility in most weather conditions
  • Compact and easy to store between projects
  • Fast, easy set up
  • Extendable connectors can be used with both traffic cones or delineator posts to create an instant barrier

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Traffic Cones
Delineator Posts
Cone Connectors
Traffic Safety Six Packs (.pdf, 813 KB)
Traffic Safety Pricing (.pdf, 348 KB)
Traffic Safety Brochure (.pdf, 518 KB)