Use Your Site to Create Buzz

Green privacy screeningThe Ministry of Labour requires fencing to be installed around construction projects for pedestrian safety and job site security.  Why not use this fencing to compliment your marketing efforts?

Create anticipation

Privacy screening not only provides additional site privacy, but creates curiosity and anticipation about the new project.  Place signage on your fencing to identify the business under construction or the developer, harnessing the curiosity of passers-by to create brand recognition.

Residential projects

Use your fencing to promote your company.  Are you LEED certified? Has your company received any awards?  Be proud and let passers-by know.  Ensure your company is top-of-mind for neighbours considering their own renovation or reconstruction project.

Installing signage or screening to your fence can increase the likelihood it may topple in high winds.  Ensure your fence is sturdy and stable before attaching anything to it.  Using nylon zip-ties will keep your signage secure without causing damage to it.